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Elevating Women - Disrupting Poverty - Fashioning Change


Elevating Women - Disrupting Poverty - Fashioning Change

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Elevating Women - Disrupting Poverty - Fashioning Change


Elevating Women - Disrupting Poverty - Fashioning Change
(PRONOUNCED EE-BOO in the Malay language of Indonesia)
We are a global movement that celebrates the imagination and skill of women and puts money in their hands. In collaboration with our artisan partners we bring you elegant, bold, powerful handmade luxury. When you shop at Ibu, you support women in real and life-changing ways.

Join the Movement. Wear the Change.


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The Ibu Collection
Designed in the Ibu Studio together with expert craftswomen around the world.
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Artisan Partners

A small team in Charleston, South Carolina, Ibu collaborates with over 100 women's groups in 40 countries, providing living wages, and because of that, also self-respect, a voice in their communities, and food for their families.

Their Stories

Sustainable Design

We intentionally collaborate with artisans using natural materials and techniques that honor and transform the earth’s gifts into handmade garments, jewelry, and accessories. These beautiful creations are intended to become a well-loved addition to your collection.

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Women around the world support one another via the Ibu Movement. Our Allies number 50,000+ including artisans, ambassadors, and clients like you. Women of respect have stepped forward gracefully to give support and advocacy, and elevate the brave, fearless Ibu of the world, rising up everywhere.

Meet our Allies

Elevating Artisan Women

Ibu Foundation

The non-profit arm of the Ibu Movement, provides training, workspace + equipment, and disaster relief to women artisans. Take a look at the exciting work happening worldwide.


This is a magical project, which is changing lives of women all over the world... it is all about Heart. I love everything about it, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Ali MacGraw
Actress, Activist, Author + Distinguished Ibu Designer

My greatest wish is for [women artisans] to know what JOY their beautiful designs, creations, and craftsmanship bring to other women all over the world.... I want them to know that their voices are being celebrated and their stories ARE being heard and cherished through their designs, hard work, and collaboration with Ibu!

Alyson Cambridge
Celebrated Soprano

Ibu is a project of the heart, founded in 2014, bringing together two things I care about deeply: putting money in the hands of women, and preserving women’s rich languages of craft.

Susan Hull Walker
Ibu Founder and Creative Director

The women artisans here in Pakistan feel a connection to the Ibu customers; and the craft has been an invisible bridge between the two worlds which are not really that different as far as women are concerned.

Samina Mahmud
Sheworks Founder, Pakistan

This is what I have been praying for for so long. Someone to guide us, consult with us, to help us know what to do next and how; to be with us somehow. Thank you.

Chantha Nguon
Mekong Blue Founder, Cambodia

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