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Dainty Gold Orchid Earring


Orchid Drop Earring with Emerald Stone


Statement Orchid Earring with Emerald Stone


Deconstructed Orchid Earring


Gold Eucalyptus Earring


Gold Pod Earring


Gold Fern Earring


Gold Flower Earring


Gold Flower Drop Earring


Sweet Gum Pod Earring


Afrodutch Mali and Black Beaded Earring


Afrodutch Mali and Grey Beaded Earring


Afrodutch Mali Disk and Black Beaded Earring


Red Beaded Orchid Earring


Cymbidium Beaded Orchid Earring


Silver Long Tassel Earring


Dharmu Gold Chandelier Earrings


Dharmu Gold Drop Earring


Dharmu Gold Stud Earring


Indigo Batik Diamond Drop Earring


Indigo Batik Teardrop Earring


Indigo Batik Stud Earrings


Colombian Woven Hoop Earrings: Large


Colombian Woven Hoop Earrings: X-Large


Woven Rectangular Earring: Cranberry


Woven Rectangular Earring: Black


Gold Tiered Drop Earring


Fringe Crescent Earring: White


Fringe Crescent Earring: Melon


Fringe Crescent Earring: Grey


Fringe Crescent Earring: Black


Small Fringe Crescent Earring: Grey


Small Fringe Crescent Earring: Amber


Large Fringe Drop Earring: Mustard


Large Fringe Drop Earring: Navy


Large Fringe Drop Earring: Terracotta


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