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    Ibu, pronounced ee-boo, is a movement of women around the world growing into economic self-sufficiency through the art of their hands. Working with 101 artisan groups, in 38 countries, Ibu celebrates the imagination and skill of women and puts money in their hands. In the Malay language of Indonesia, Ibu means a woman of respect. Ibu artisans and allies alike belong to a world-wide web of self-authorized women on the move. Ibu offers original designs by also collaborating with our ambassador designers to bring you elegant, bold, powerful handmade luxury.

  • Susan Hull Walker, Founder + Creative Director

    Before founding ibu in 2013, Susan Hull Walker studied world religions at Harvard Divinity School and served for eighteen years as a minister in Maine, San Francisco, and Charleston, South Carolina. Returning to school to study fiber arts at SCAD, she learned to weave and speak in the language of cloth. It opened her eyes to a woman's way of recording her mind and soul. What she didn't find in parchment and page, she found in textiles. A woman's soul-rich text. As a weaver, Susan began to work with women's cooperatives around the world to preserve their skills and stories in cloth. Her designs showcase the sumptuous beauty of the world's textiles, created now for women who want to belong to what is bold and strong, eruptive and free. Susan lives in Charleston, South Carolina and Santa Fe, New Mexico, traveling frequently to visit artisans, speak about the movement, and spread the Ibu love. Contact her directly at

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