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Deconstructed Orchid Necklace


Grace Jones Necklace


Woven Ikat Necklace with Agate and Cornelian Pendant


Woven Ikat Necklace with Moss Agate and Copper Pendant


Woven Ikat Necklace with Turkmen Pendant


Knotted Choker: Gold Large


Tiala's Silver Choker


Knotted Choker: Off-White Bone


Horn Tip Necklace


Olympico Necklace


Old Naga Shell Necklace


The Iris Apfel Necklace: Stripe


Large Spindle Necklace


Luminescent African Glass: Yellow Triple Strand Princess


Beaded Bougie Necklace: Aqua


Beaded Bougie Necklace: Cobalt


Beaded Bougie Necklace: Gold


Beaded Bougie Necklace: Red


Beaded Bougie Necklace: White


Beaded Bougie Necklace: Yellow


Beaded Collar Necklace: Gold


Beaded Collar Necklace: White


Beaded Collar Necklace: Yellow


Beaded Necklace with Crosses: Black with White


Hayley Necklace


Makena Necklace


Mihoshi Necklace


Multi Fragment Cascade Statement Horn Necklace


Tibetan Gao Amulet Box with Coral Stone Necklace


Black and White African Bone Necklace


Crispina Necklace


Ruramai Necklace


Horn Necklace with Pendant


Naga Red 5 Strand Necklace with Large Shell Disc


Luminescent African Glass Beads: Red Triple Strand Princess


Luminescent African Glass Beads: Yellow Large


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