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Cay Necklace: Black


Cay Necklace: White


Cay Necklace: Terracotta


Cay Necklace: Ocre


Ashaki Necklace


Dookapo Necklace


Queen of Sheba Necklace


Salima Necklace


Sana Necklace


Hayley Necklace


Crispina Necklace


Black Long Beaded Necklace with Vintage Disc


Black Long Bead Necklace with Ethiopian Cross


Black and Gold Foil Ball Necklace


Grey Long Ball Necklace with Silver Bead


Black Long Ball Necklace with Copper Bead


Long Grey Necklace with Mali Bead


Black Long Necklace with Mali Bead


Short Grey Necklace with Vintage Mali Bead


Coffee Long Ball Necklace with Mali Bead


Grey Long Ball Necklace with Ethiopian Cross


Stand Out Gold Orchid Necklace


Deconstructed Orchid Necklace


Tibetan Braid Ornament with Coral and Lapis Necklace

Ox Bone Thumb Ring on Indigo Shibori Cord

Ox Bone Thumb Ring on Indigo Shibori Cord


Jade, Labradorite, and Onyx Beaded Necklace


Onyx and Chinese Amber Necklace


Carved Black Stone Bead Short Necklace


Poppy and Turquoise Necklace with Naga Conch Shell


Naga Red 5 Strand Necklace with Large Shell Disc


Large Orange Bead Long Naga Necklace


Large Orange Tile Bead with Two Yellow Strands


Naga Light Blue Full Necklace


White Full Naga Necklace with Shell


Multi Full Naga Necklace


Red Full Medium Length Naga Necklace


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