Three Orb Earrings: Gold

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In Peru, cow horn is refuse, a by-product of the beef industry tossed aside. Shelly Batt takes this fibrous material (made of compressed hair!), and heats it, flattens it, cuts by hand, and shapes it into magical spheres. Light as air, soft as the living thing it is, finished in a unique matte look, each earring is born through days of love and time and skill.  

Alongside a political prisoner in a Lima jail, Shelly learned and taught the craftwork of horn and design. When her co-hort was released from prison, she continued to go to Lima to work, creating a portfolio of singularly gorgeous, one-of-a-kind jewelry for you to treasure. Wear it with anything, and bring out the light in it. And in you.

Made in Peru.

Recycled cow horn.

1.25" x 4.25"

**Due to the nature of the horn, the coloring of each piece may vary slightly from the earrings pictured**

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