Small Felted Polar Bear

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50 Years Later:  A New Love Story

Ibu Ambassador, Ali MacGraw,  invites us to kindle a radical HOPE in our own lives, as well as the lives of women in over 40 countries who are rising out of poverty into self-sufficiency through the skills of their hands and the resilience of their spirits.  Ali designed a graphic adding HOPE to LOVE, in the sparkling neon colors of 50 years past.  Ibu asked artisans to render this design, sustaining their livelihood during the difficult pandemic, and crafting gifts of meaning and purpose. Women in Haiti, Rwanda, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Colombia, and Kenya have loved the opportunity to be a part of this movement, gathering us all in the light and strength of our common HOPE.

An ode to the critically endangered polar bears, this darling creature is ready for the winter chill ahead with it’s adorable knitted scarf! Not to mention, this little cub pairs well with the larger mama polar bear. You can find her here.

Handcrafted in Rwanda

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