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Oya Shawl: Pink

Oya Shawl: Pink
Oya Shawl: Pink
Oya Shawl: Pink

The soft pink hue of this oya shawl will win you over at first sight. The accent of the oyas on the edges adds some fun into the mix!

The term Oya, or "lace" can be dated all the way back to the 8th centruy Phrygians of Anatolia (or present day Turkey), which describes the beautiful and traditional needlework that you see on these truly elegant shawls. Made of a soft and heavenly light cotton, these pieces are an incredible hug that will adorn you with rich colors running through these unique hand crotched applique details. 

Handmade in Turkey.

100% Cotton.

57.75" x 29.5"

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