Hand Embroidered Children's Jumper

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In Soma Turkey, women gather around tables cascading with bolts of fabric and needles threaded with colours of every shade - drawings etched onto pieces of papers that were drawn by their children. This group of women are widows, making a life for themselves and their families by crafting beautiful pieces thanks to the help of their children's imaginations. Hand stitched onto this adorable blue and white pinstripe jumper is an image that was drawn up each woman's child, a design that will look both stunning and adorable on your favourite wee-bu!

Due to the unique nature of each piece, slight variations may occur from the image given.

Wrap design for sizes 12-18 months. Two button closures on shoulder.

Handcrafted in Soma, Turkey

Read more about the artisan group, here.

100% Cotton

Length - 16"

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