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Bluetiful Dress with Circles

Bluetiful Dress with Circles
Bluetiful Dress with Circles

Using the natural indigo of the region, employed in Mesoamerica for centuries for the vestments of priests and noble lords, Bluetiful is now reviving this tradition. After the prevalence of chemical dyes almost extinguished indigo from their region, this group of women in San Salvador is cultivating indigo and applying it with a resist-dye technique on cotton.

A solid indigo dress flurried with exaggerated pops of bold, illuminating disks. Feel as incredible as you look in this ancient indigo recipe with a twist of modern design.

Made in El Salvador.

Read more about the artisan group, here.

100% cotton. Wash on a cold setting, hang to dry. 

Extra Small: Bust - 38
", Sleeve Length - 15", Length - 49.5"
Small:  Bust - 39", Sleeve Length - 16", Length - 50"
Medium:  Bust - 40", Sleeve Length - 17, Length - 50"
Large:  Bust - 43", Sleeve Length - 18", Length - 50.5"
Extra Large:  Bust - 44", Sleeve Length - 18", Length - 51"

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