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Beaded Clutch and Ornament Gift Set

Beaded Clutch and Ornament Gift Set
Beaded Clutch and Ornament Gift Set
Beaded Clutch and Ornament Gift Set
$228.00 USD

A charming gift bundle with no fuss for those who may be difficult to shop for. All of those who love to look chic and spread love will surely be smitten with this thoughtful bundle. 

Clutch - Ibu Ambassador, Ali MacGraw,  invites us to kindle a radical HOPE in our own lives, as well as the lives of women in over 40 countries who are rising out of poverty into self-sufficiency through the skills of their hands and the resilience of their spirits.  Ali designed a graphic adding HOPE to LOVE, in the sparkling neon colors of 50 years past.  Ibu asked artisans to render this design, sustaining their livelihood during the difficult pandemic, and crafting gifts of meaning and purpose. Women in Haiti, Rwanda, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Colombia, and Kenya have loved the opportunity to be a part of this movement, gathering us all in the light and strength of our common HOPE.

This impressive clutch, crafted by women artisans in Haiti, adds a pop of color and graphic art that is complete with dazzling beading on both sides of this structured bag. Lined with a silk interior and complete with an adorned tassel zipper, this accessory will brighten up your ensemble and relay the much needed message in today’s world - Love and Hope.

Handcrafted in Haiti

Will ship by the end of November

6" D x 8" L

Ornament - Hearts are the ultimate symbol of love, so we couldn’t resist including our favorite beaded ornament in Ali MacGraw’s Hope and Love Collection. Gift this small token to someone who has your heart, your friendship, or your thoughts. Or keep this for yourself on your own holiday decorations, you deserve the gift of love too!

Handcrafted in Kenya

3" L

Each bundle will arrive with a hand-written note from Ali, gift-wrapped with bright, coordinating ribbons. 

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