Naturally Dyed Silk Bandana: Marigold Yellow

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The Anchal Project creates jobs for women formerly caught in the sex trade in India; and then found the same diminishment of women occuring in their home city of Louisville, Kentucky.  

Winning their Mayor's challenge to re-use a neglected urban lot, they created a dye garden and gave women a second chance, teaching them how to use these plants for natural dyes. 

Naturally hand -dyed by women in Louisville, Kentucky, these silk bandanas in luscious colors help you - and the women of Louisville - bloom like new.

Stylist tip: tie around your neck under a collared shirt, or cover up a bad hair day or twist it around  your ponytail or topknot (not to mention dressing up your baby or your pup). 
Care instructions: wash in cold water and hang to dry. 

Handcrafted in Louisville Kentucky
100% Silk

22" x 22" 

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