Seven Sisters Felted Dress: White on White

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In the cold mountains of Kyrgyzstan live Seven Sisters, (yes really!) who are shaping felt as their grandmothers did on rugs and yurts… but with their own unique twist. They create breathtaking patterns from ancient totemic symbols of their culture, in radiant colors and use the felt in new ways that they themselves are still discovering. This dress balances an energetic felt pattern with soft silk underlay. 

Stylist tip: Wear this masterpiece to an evening party, but prepare for heads to turn. This white on white is perfectly refreshing. The silk is sheer so we suggest a slip for added coverage. Dry clean. 

Handcrafted in Kyrgyzstan
100% Silk, 100% Wool Inlay
Read more about the artisan group, here.

Due to its hand crafted nature, variations from the given image may occur.

Small - 35" Bust, 51" L
Medium - 36" Bust, 52" L

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