Mud Silk Classic Tunic

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Mud Silk. An ancient technique practiced for 2500 years in the Guangdong Province of China. Silk dyed with dried, ground yam is laid out in fields and slathered in the iron-rich mud of the region for weeks, rinsed in the river, then polished with anthracite coal - leaving an inky black front and a tobacco colored back. It's rare, this silk. Called Whispering cloud, Tea Silk, Singing Silk. Only a few pieces can be produced each year in concert with the distinct elements of this region.  And it gets better with each wearing, lasting a lifetime.

Designed by Marcella Echavarria in conjunction with the artisans of the Pearl River,  this long piece looks great alone as a dress or over the coordinating pants, and under the long vest.

Stylist Tip: reversible - wear the rustic camel brown side for a gathering with friends or the deep black sheen for evening cocktails. Straight and boxy shape that hangs with drape. Notice the patchwork . . 

Handcrafted in Guangdong Province, China
Read more about the artisan group, here.
100% Silk

Due to the handcrafted nature of each piece, slight variations may occur from the images provided.

One Size Fits Most.  Wash in cold water and hang dry.

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