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Sunday Style

Style is born of place. Our Sunday missives take you to the places and people of the world from which our sumptuous artisan pieces emerge. 

Maiz Cuff: One Row


Maiz Cuff: Two Rows


Maiz Cuff: Three Row


Grace Jones Necklace


Maguey Hoops: Blush/Natural


Maguey Hoops: Rust/Dusty Blue


Maguey Hoop Earrings: Terracotta


Maguey Hoop Earrings: Mustard


Moroccan Long Velvet Jacket: Deep Red


Woven Rectangular Earring: Cranberry


Woven Rectangular Earring: Black


Hand-Crocheted Collar Necklace: Terracotta


Large Ikat Bag


Chinese Embroidered Pillow

Anchal Shawl Collar Jacket

Anchal Shawl Collar Jacket


Three Orb Earrings: Silver


Set of Woven Round Bangles: Black and Natural


Colombian Cuffs

Anchal Embroidered Slide

Anchal Embroidered Slide


Large Kuba Cloth Pillow with Poms


Macrame Cape


Macrame Vest


Wanka Oversized Coat: Garnet


Bone Necklace with Large Shell

Tumar Felted Clutch: Grey, White, and Red

Tumar Felted Clutch: Grey, White, and Red


Build Your Own Mantra Cuff


Turkish Lips Embroidered Cocktail Napkins


Moroccan Long Velvet Jacket: Black


Fringe Crescent Earring: Black


Black and Gold Foil Ball Necklace


Hand Embroidered Cocktail Napkins: Split Design


Suzani Pillow: Earth


Felted Mola Pattern Long Jacket


Ikat Felted Pillow


Dinit Clutch: Burgundy/Red


Cut Out Long Suede Vest


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