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Tagwizult Necklace

Tagwizult Necklace
Tagwizult Necklace

Tagwizult is a Berber name from Morocco that means "brave". The focal element in this necklace is a large Berber Southern Cross - a traditional motif revered by many nomadic tribes across Northern Africa. The blue, green and mustard-orange enamel finish on the pendant is a classic form of Berber jewelry. Clusters of sustainably sourced fossil coral branches, found along the coast of Algeria, give this piece an edgy flair and red sponge adds another organic texture and vibrant red accent. African amber resin and green Aventurine complement the tones of the enamel work perfectly. Ethiopian silver spacers and two Yemeni silver beads provide another layer of opulence to this ravishing necklace. 

Protective packaging and a beautiful handmade banana leaf jewelry box lined with Maasai shuka and Kenya kanga fabric is included, as well as a personally signed card by Shikha with the story behind this piece.

The components are personally sourced by Shikha during her travels around the world and this statement necklace is assembled in her studio. 

12" Drop
3.5" Pendant

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