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Biancabella Necklace

Biancabella Necklace

Biancabella is an Italian name that means"white-beautiful". This very unique necklace combines white coral with a statement Yemeni silver bead and two Omani spike beads.

The Yemeni bead is over 70 years old and was made before World War II when the Jewish Yemenis were the predominant silversmiths in the region. These beads are typically hallmarked by the silversmiths, marking their authenticity and quality. The patterns were made using hammering and soldering techniques, each design being specific to the region from which it originated. This lovely specimen carries the maker’s mark, which was stamped onto a drop of molten silver in a section of the bead. This is a traditional bead that would have hung around a bride’s neck in a string of similar large finely worked beads. These types of beads are highly collectable as they have been in finite supply since the Jews emigrated to Israel after the War.

Two antique silver and gold beads from Oman impart extra character, particularly the three rows of conical silver spikes which were probably created by hammering the silver sheet from behind into a doming block with a conical hole. The gold foil has been lightly hammered from underneath to create a granulation pattern.

Natural white coral beads complement the camel bone decoration. These beads originate from the Mediterranean, the Straits of Malacca and the Red Sea, and were cut into beads between 1775 and 1925. Some of the beads have beautiful streaks of natural burnt orange, enhancing the character of this piece. West African brass beads, made using the lost wax casting method, separate the coral beads.

These beads are personally sourced by Shikha during her travels around the world and this statement necklace is assembled in her studio. 


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