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Macrame Vest


Maguey Hoop Earrings: Mustard


Maguey Hoop Earrings: Terracotta


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 8mm


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 6mm


Silver From Mexico: 8 mm hinge


The Sidai Cuff: Standard


Conch Shell, Bone, and Coral Beaded Necklace


Ox Bone Thumb Ring on Indigo Shibori Cord


Jasper Endless Knot on Indigo Shibori Cord Necklace


Conch Shell Pendant Necklace on Indigo Shibori Cord

Silver Long Tassel Earring

Silver Long Tassel Earring


Hand-Crocheted Collar Necklace: Navy


Hand-Crocheted Collar Necklace: Ochre


Hand-Crocheted Collar Necklace: Terracotta


Silver from Mexico: 10mm Hinge Bangle


Silver from Mexico: 4mm Cuff


Short Grey Necklace with Vintage Mali Bead


Long Grey Necklace with Mali Bead


Black Long Necklace with Mali Bead


One of a Kind Beaded Necklace


Dharmu Gold Stud Earring


Dharmu Gold Drop Earring


Dharmu Gold Chandelier Earrings


Carved Horn and Amber Beaded Necklace


Onyx and Chinese Amber Necklace


Onyx and Chinese Amber Long Necklace


Carved Black Stone Bead Short Necklace


Porcelain, Onyx, and Carved Lacquered Bead Necklace


Jade, Labradorite, and Onyx Beaded Necklace


Silver Archer's Thumb Ring, Coral, and Amber Beaded Necklace


Queen Flower Gold Cuff


Emerald Stone Orchid Ring


Stand Out Gold Orchid Necklace


Statement Orchid Earring with Emerald Stone


Dainty Gold Orchid Earring


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