Classic Moroccan Velvet Jacket: Black

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Don this silky indulgent velvet jacket that was crafted by hand in the souks of Morocco. This rich texture is soft to the touch and alludes to a lavish sense of depth. Paired with our classic and ornate Moroccan embroidery, this Moroccan jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm and dazzle wherever you go!

Is your size out of stock? Reach out to us at (843) 327-8304 or to preorder your jacket! Discount not available for preorder. 

Hoping for a little more drama? Try our long sweeping design!

Handcrafted in Morocco

Read more about the artisan group, here.

Extra Small: Bust: 37", Sleeve: 22", Length: 35"
Small: Bust: 40", Sleeve: 23", Length: 35.5"
Medium: Bust: 42", Sleeve: 23", Length: 35.5"
Large: Bust: 43", Sleeve: 24", Length: 36"

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