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Stand Out Gold Orchid Necklace


Statement Orchid Earring with Emerald Stone


Orchid Drop Earring with Emerald Stone


Dainty Gold Orchid Earring


Emerald Stone Orchid Ring


Deconstructed Orchid Necklace


Deconstructed Orchid Earring


Queen Flower Gold Cuff


Gold Flower Drop Earring


Gold Flower Earring


Gold Flower Ring with Stone


Gold Fern Earring


Gold Eucalyptus Earring


Sweet Gum Pod Earring


Gold Pod Earring


Terme Felted Shawl


Tumar Felted Clutch: Grey and White


Afrodutch Mali and Black Beaded Earring


Afrodutch Mali and Grey Beaded Earring


Afrodutch Mali Disk and Black Beaded Earring


Afrodutch Beaded Bracelet


Coffee Long Ball Necklace with Mali Bead


Short Grey Necklace with Vintage Mali Bead


Grey Long Ball Necklace with Silver Bead


Black Long Bead Necklace with Ethiopian Cross


Black Long Ball Necklace with Mali Bead


Long Grey Necklace with Mali Bead


Sulphur Ball Necklace


Khadia Cape: Rose Petal


Khadia Cape: Sky Blue


Drew Glass Cuff


Hendrix Glass Cuff: Large


Jordan Glass Cuff: Large


Kalani Glass Cuff: Large


Moroccan Long Velvet Jacket: Deep Red


Classic Moroccan Velvet Jacket: Deep Red


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