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Ibu Gift Guide

Iris Apfel Accidental Icon Book


Iris Apfel Beaded Clutch


Mini Val Gorilla Ornament


Mini Mambo Gorilla Ornament


Mola Jaguar Ornament


Woven Fan: Pink and Yellow


Classic Moroccan Velvet Jacket: Black

Anchal Shawl Collar Jacket

Anchal Shawl Collar Jacket


The Marrakech Dress


Emerald Stone Orchid Ring


Gold Flower Ring with Stone


Queen Flower Gold Cuff


Build Your Own Mantra Cuff


Cuffs to Go With Build Your Own Mantra

From $6.00 - $12.00

Colombian Cuffs


Woven Bangle Set of 2: Black and Natural


Geometric Colombian Woven Bangles


Maasai Large Beaded Bangle


Colombian Woven Raffia Cuff: Black with Natural


Colombian Woven Raffia Cuff: Natural with Black


Cana Flecha Large Bangle: Blue and White


Cana Flecha Small Bangle: Blue and White


Cana Flecha Large Bangle: Natural


Cana Flecha Small Bangle: Natural


Cana Flecha Large Bangle: Brown and White


Cana Flecha Small Bangle: Brown and White


Silver from Mexico: 4mm Cuff


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 6mm


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 8mm


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 10mm


Silver from Mexico: Bangle 4mm


Silver from Mexico: Bangle 6mm


Silver from Mexico: Bangle 8mm


Silver from Mexico: 10mm Hinge Bangle


Silver from Mexico: Hinged Bangle 12mm


Silver from Mexico: Multi Row Dot Cuff


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