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Ibu Gift Guide

Iris Apfel Accidental Icon Book


Iris Apfel Beaded Clutch


Iris Apfel Beaded Clutch and Book


Woven Fan: Pink and Yellow


Threads of Ikat Coat


Classic Moroccan Velvet Jacket: Black

Anchal Shawl Collar Jacket

Anchal Shawl Collar Jacket

Felted Colorblock Jacket

Felted Colorblock Jacket


The Marrakech Dress

The Sindh Dress: Black Long

The Sindh Dress: Black Long


Classic Caftan: Off White


Emerald Stone Orchid Ring


Gold Flower Ring with Stone


Queen Flower Gold Cuff


Build Your Own Mantra Cuff


Cuffs to Go With Build Your Own Mantra

From $6.00 - $12.00

Colombian Cuffs


Woven Bangle Set of 2: Black and Natural


Geometric Colombian Woven Bangles


Set of Woven Round Bangles: Black and Natural


Beaded XOXO Bracelet: Red with White


Maasai Large Beaded Bangle


Maasai Small Beaded Bangle


Colombian Woven Raffia Cuff: Black with Natural


Colombian Woven Raffia Cuff: Natural with Black


Cana Flecha Large Bangle: Blue and White


Cana Flecha Large Bangle: Natural


Cana Flecha Small Bangle: Natural


Cana Flecha Large Bangle: Brown and White


Cana Flecha Small Bangle: Brown and White


Silver from Mexico: 4mm Cuff


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 6mm


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 8mm


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 10mm


Silver from Mexico: Bangle 4mm


Silver from Mexico: Bangle 6mm


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