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Ibu Classics

Threads of Ikat Coat


Samarkand Coat


Tashkent Coat


Jizzakh Coat


Luminescent African Glass Beads: Red Triple Strand Princess


Luminescent African Glass: Red Large Single


Luminescent African Glass: Yellow Triple Strand Princess


Luminescent African Glass Beads: Yellow Large


Turkmen Coat


Silver from Mexico: Bangle 6mm


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 6mm


Silver from Mexico: Bangle 8mm


Silver from Mexico: Cuff 8mm


Kyrgyz Felted Tunic Dress: White on Black


Kyrgyz Felted Classic Jacket


Kyrgyz Felted Tunic: Black with White


Luminescent African Glass: Red Single Small Strand


Luminescent African Glass Beads: Amber Triple Strand


Classic Moroccan Velvet Jacket: Deep Red


Moroccan Long Velvet Jacket: Black


Silver From Mexico: 8 mm hinge


Silver from Mexico: 10mm Hinge Bangle


Silver from Mexico: Hinged Bangle 12mm


Silver from Mexico: Multi Row Dot Cuff


Women's Moroccan Jacket: Navy on White


Luminescent African Glass Beads: Turquoise Short Triple Strand


Luminescent African Glass Beads: Single Strand Large Black


Women's Moroccan Jacket: Grey on White


Voluminous Pashmina Shawl: Scarlet


Three Orb Earrings: Silver


Three Orb Earrings: Gold


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