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Indigo Batik Diamond Drop Earring

Indigo Batik Diamond Drop Earring


Indigo Batik Stud Earrings


Indigo Batik Ring


Jade, Labradorite, and Onyx Beaded Necklace


Ox Bone Thumb Ring on Indigo Shibori Cord


Onyx and Chinese Amber Necklace


Chinese Minority Hoop Earring with Center Detail


Chinese Silver Large Hoop Earring


Chinese Silver Small Five Tiered Necklace


Chinese Silver Five Tier Necklace


Chinese Silver Necklace with Lines


Chinese Miao Silver Necklace with Circles


Chinese Silver Necklace: Five Tier with Swirls


Chinese Large Silver Necklace with Forged Lines


Chinese Necklace: Three tier with Fish


Indigo Chinese Minority Pillow Large


Chinese Embroidered Pillow


Pair of Silk Vintage Textiles


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