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Ali4Ibu Holiday 2020

50 Years Later:  A New Love Story

Ali MacGraw led the world in A Return to Romance, according to the cover of Time Magazine in 1970. The movie, Love Story,  in which she starred, moved millions in the turbulent Viet Nam war era.  Now, 50 years later, Ali brings to us a new love story:  one of HOPE in the midst of this tense and chaotic time.
Hope is our story.
Hope is what we reach for within ourselves when things are chaotic, confusing, even frightening. Hope is what we extend to one another, especially to those who have lost work, like many artisans, and don't know where the next meal might be found. 
I choose to duplicate the bright colors associated with Love Story and to add them, HOPE. I believe that both of these words are absolutely the basis for the brilliant work of Ibu. I am so happy to offer these items crafted by artisans in Haiti, Rwanda, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Colombia, and Kenya.
- Ali MacGraw

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