Protective Face Mask: Woven Stripe Gold

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With the world living in uncertain times, we have made it a priority at Ibu that our supporters have the essentials they need to manage the current pandemic.  Though this contribution is small, we are grateful to find a balance between serving our customers, while also providing income for the artisans we work with. These organic cotton face masks are just the thing - made from two layers of 100% Organic Cotton Twill, the dense weave of this durable cotton barrier provides protection and breathability. These masks are washable and reusable.

Handcrafted in El Salvador
100% Cotton, Elastic

Final Sale.

Mask Wearing Tips:

- Wash hands before putting on mask
- Wash mask after each use in public
- Remove only using the elastic loops, do not touch any surface of the mask
- After removing, wash hands

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